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They blogged about blogging so I don’t have to.


I don’t really blog about blogging, because it’s not why this blog exists. Sophistishe is a digital journal that I write in because I am too lazy to write with a pen, my handwriting is horrid, and I can pretty it up better than I can pretty up a notebook. Oh, and I like sharing and chatting with you. I’ve been reading more blogs lately and I’ve come across some posts that I swear I could have written myself, but because these bloggers did… I don’t have to :). Let’s take a look, shall we?

When I first started blogging as a business, I was in the midst of uncertainty. And while it seemed I had just started my life, giving birth to life gave me purpose. But after having Jayden, ish got real… real quick. And I had to hustle hard and protect what was mine. Hate it or love it blogging has become more than just a hobby and in today’s economy, it has provided families with some stability through the pay cuts, layoffs, job hunts, and distress. In the past, I’ve apologized and felt guilty for being short and less forthcoming with people (especially those who’ve seemed to have been light years ahead of me in life achievements), but at the end of the day I had to protect the business that supports my family because at the time, there was no other way. And if that means less kudos on the interwebz… You get what you give back… yea, yea I got that memo, but everyone’s intentions aren’t always the best. I don’t mind sharing (certain things) with friends, family, and those who I admire. We’re a “community” and all, but don’t for a second get it twisted. Mama need a house, baby need some shoes. Anyway. Sara shares her sentiments on the risks of giving up her clientele (because that’s what it truly is) in 7 Reasons I Will Not Share My PR Contacts With You.

With the tragic death of Whitney Houston, I started thinking about how fabulous she was and how hard it must have been to have been expected to put out epic work. Always. It’s something that us fans grew to expect. It has to be overwhelming to be under so much pressure, to have to be ahead of the game 24/7. Hell, I freak out when someone stares at me for more than 3 seconds. Well, the same holds true with well-known bloggers, although I hope we’ll never ever lose a blogger due to feelings of inadequacy. I went through a bout of feeling like a “has been”, but once I realized that all of the glitz and glam (which proved itself to stress me out, honestly) would be here after I worked on saying “no” to better my life and manage my household and other businesses (that don’t depend on popularity), nothing else mattered. Christy shares how to get over wanting it all as a blogger and handling disappointment gracefully in Highs and Lows of Blogging Stars–Beating the Bloggy Blues.


In my newly revamped about page, I reminisce on the good ol’ bloggy days starting in 2001, spending long nights prettying up my blog, bantering on about my (then carefree) life, dates with Greg, and scouring and commenting on other blogs. Those were the days before getting wrapped up into Twitter, Facebook, and focusing solely on fulfilling blogging opps. True story: Back in ’06, I actually quit blogging for a few months because I couldn’t crack the formula to making any money from it. My priorities were kinda in the right and wrong places.

Over the years of blogging (all 11 of them), I have developed a sense of who’s genuinely in my corner no matter what. I’m also enjoying new blogs that aren’t all mom blog/brand chatter, all day, every day. No offense, but it’s just not what I want to read anymore. I love seeing the everyday, life stories, and the expression of creativity too. I’m not the best at chronicling that on my end, but it’s what I like to read, darnit. In Groups & Tribes {Finding Support in the Blogosphere}, Amanda shares how to find new blogs to get lost in and comment on (with high reciprocation rates) just like the old days.

I’ve struggled with writer’s block as Jayden grew older. I had become so used to sharing his milestones and as life started to idle, blogging got boring. I looked at old posts from my pregnancy, the fresh baby days and how exciting blogging was during that time. I’ve noticed a pattern in blogs that chronicle a pregnancy. People flock to the growing belly, congrats pour in once baby is born, but once that baby grows into a toddler, those comments sure start to dwindle and it’s on to the next belly. I’m not even gonna lie, I’ve imagined reliving that all over again with baby number two. Like OMG I can’t wait to get pregnant again so that I can blog about it… so I can become relevant again :-/. Because blogs about older children aren’t as fun and exciting… to me in my phase of baby fever. I’m sure as Jayden gets older, my interests will change.

Once I reverted back to personal blogging, I became better at writing my thoughts and showing my personality. I realized that I had much more to share… brief intermissions from “Oh, my kid did something cute today”. In between child bearing and rearing, I’ll always have something to share even after Greg and I become empty nesters. Because I’ve no longer let being a parent define me or my blog. So does parent blogging have a shelf-life? I’d have to agree with Louise and say “of course not!” Sure took me a while to realize, though.

What blog posts about blogging have you read lately?

To support my blogging efforts and site expenses, I do share relevant affiliate links in my posts. Thank you for your support.

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  • Reply Drea

    Love this… So true bat the belly thing too…

    View Comment March 3, 2012 at 7:24 PM
  • Reply Terin

    I started blogging back in 2004 after a breakup. I needed an outlet. I’ve been at it on and off ever since. I think I like the aspect of owning tons of different names. I’m way to bipolar for a brand.

    I’ve gone from blog every detail of my life…to blog only the important stuff…to online ranting and that drama circle from 2006-2007…to newlywed blogging…then baby blogging…then mama blogging..then not blogging at all. Now I’m blogging because… You get the point.

    This is the first post in a while that I’ve read about blogging, but then I have been out of the loop for a few months. I think in the end, everyone must realize that you have to stay true to yourself and focus less on what the new “in” thing is.

    View Comment March 2, 2012 at 10:04 PM
  • Reply Quiana

    What a perfect post! This represents several conversations I’ve been having IRL and online. I’ve been blogging off and on for almost 7 years, and I think your thoughts really helps me put things into perspective about where I think my blogging will take me. Your point about on to the next pregnant belly was so true. I see so many mommy bloggers get confused about what to do after baby #1 reaches toddler-hood then they decide to re-brand/shift strategies. May sound cliche but staying true to yourself is what’s important and if that means you change on a whim so be it. Thank you for this post!

    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 11:26 PM
  • Reply oh amanda

    Thanks so much for linking to my post!

    11 years of blogging? HOW AWESOME. And yes, I’ve totally thought, “Dang, if I had another baby, it would be good for my blog!” :/


    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 6:20 PM
    • Reply Sheena

      My pleasure! I found myself missing the days of blog interaction. Something so simple became so hard. It’s funny, it was right under my nose. I actually thought of keeping my next pregnancy a secret for as long as I could… so I wouldn’t be blogging for the wrong reasons. I planned on chronicling, but not publishing until later. Let’s see how that goes. :)

      View Comment February 29, 2012 at 11:34 PM
  • Reply Kay

    I’ve been blogging since around 1999-2000 also. Wasn’t serious though. My high school days. I started the process of making money blogging around 2005. Wasn’t successful. I had a lot going on then too. I commend you. I’ve been to your site several times but never link you. Doing that now.

    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 4:45 PM
    • Reply Sheena

      I started blogging when I was a HS freshman. I definitely was not serious. It was more of an outlet for me to practice graphic design and html. I started out on and their rules started to hinder me from designing how I wanted so I bummed some webspace from friends I met on BP. Some day I’ll write my full blog story. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years. Anywho, lol, thanks so much for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger!

      View Comment February 29, 2012 at 11:57 PM
  • Reply Nicole

    Wow! You’ve been blogging a mighty long time. I haven’t been blogging that long, but seems like I’ve been through every phase you have except the baby bump blogging. I started blogging after my youngest was born.

    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 4:24 PM
  • Reply Lou at Bloggomy (@Bobbity666)

    Thanks for featuring my post – glad you agree
    L x

    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 3:48 PM
    • Reply Sheena

      You’re welcome. Glad I came across it as so many people struggle with the “now what’s” after baby blogging.

      View Comment March 1, 2012 at 12:02 AM
  • Reply Ronni

    Sheena! I hear ya! Big time! I’ve been blogging since 2000 *raises glass to another old skool blogger* and I just don’t have a niche, and I refuse to get one. I just blog about whatever I feel like.

    I don’t have a huge readership. I used to, and over the years it just kinda faded away. Most of my readers moved to Live Journal (I still crosspost there to this day) and it was just easier for me to keep up with them that way as well.

    I’m glad to see that blogging is still around, and I can’t believe how much it’s changed over the past 12 years. I remember when having ads on your blog was the worst thing to do! Now it’s OK to make money off your blog. :) It’s fascinating how there are still trends and stuff, you know?

    Anyway, I don’t even know where I was going with my comment, so I’ll end it for now. Great post.

    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 3:30 PM
  • Reply [email protected]

    You, my dear, are amazing. I know I’ve said this before, but YOU were the reason I started blogging seriously as a business. I won a silly graduation stuffed puppy dog on your blog YEARS ago and thought to myself, “Uhhh.. I want to be HER.” Thank you for your support, even when I was celebrity struck at BlogHer ’09 when I met you. Thank you for just being real and sharing your life with this blogging community. You are a HUGE asset to the blogosphere. Don’t EVER forget that.

    Also, thanks for linking to my post. I’m bookmarking the others so that I can read later tonight (when the kids are in bed). :)

    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 12:51 PM
  • Reply Kathleen

    I’m so glad you blogged about this! lol

    I’m in the same boat, though I’m not a big-time (or former big-time) blogger like you, and don’t make really any money off of my blog. There are sometimes when I get down about it, mostly because I have so many ideas but so little time to focus on them. Plus I’m also a fan of redesigning it, but as of the last few years that too has fallen by the wayside.

    I really think you’re right about the whole baby thing and readers’ interest. I still plan on blogging for as long as I can, beyond the baby years, but I do notice a jump in traffic on my blog over the last year.

    Overall, I’m really pleased with the opportunities for personal and professional growth that have resulted from my blog. It still blows my mind, some of the perks I’ve gotten! For just writing about being a mom. Weird!

    View Comment February 29, 2012 at 7:09 AM
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