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We’re Open: Why I Decided To Start A Store

I am terrible at self-promotion.

I never want come off as the aggressive or sleazy sales woman, although my bank statements suggest doing something strange for a lil’ piece of change.

Just kidding.


I’ve been going on about my shop on Facebook (mostly my personal account), the newsletter, and Instagram, but I hadn’t made an official announcement here. Primarily due to being swamped in deadlines, then there was fear, and not being sure if I would continue the shop past the holidays. I had planned to still have a shop under a new name, but not one linked to this blog.

I’ve been brainstorming on changing things up around here. Each year, I always find myself at a crossroads where I struggle with what I really want to do in this space vs what the bills make me do. And usually, the bills win and I lose focus. In 2017, I cannot lose focus.

For the past few years, I’ve found myself missing being a shop owner. Before the kids were born, Daddy G and I had an eBay store and I absolutely loved it. More on that here. After doing this blogging thing for fourteen years and finding myself burnt-out and uneasy for the past nine, I decided that it was time for me to get back to something that I absolutely loved.

Truth moment.

Anxiety is a beast and it’s something I’ve struggled with since childhood. In the past two years, anxiety has had a recurrent role in my life manifesting in more debilitating physical symptoms. My biggest trigger? Too many commitments relating to this blog. It’s hard to admit this because I’ve felt that doing so would lead to the demise of my sponsored partnerships and readership. Why work with someone who has these issues? Why read or follow someone who’s almost always stressed while writing and sharing pretty bits of her life?

Well, I’m also a real person with real emotional needs, connecting with real people. So there. It’s out. I’m not loving this blog life and I have to find my way back to enjoying it again. There’s no fun in always having to do this (when my brain is already fried), constant worrying, lows, and having zero time for hobbies or free time. I’m tired of feeling trapped, worrying, and being a grouch. So in an effort to come up for air and also breathe more fun into this blog, and connect with you all or even a new audience… I’m striving to do less sponsored stuff and to focus on the shop instead.

Boho fashion, bold accessories and accents.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I hope that in the near future I’ll be able to say that my profits have replaced my blog income.

A girl can dream.

Thanks for sticking around.

And thanks to those who continue to encourage me to keep blogging when I have a funky attitude about it.

And thanks to the brands who still want to work with me anyway.

We’re open.

To support my blogging efforts and site expenses, I do share relevant affiliate links in my posts. Thank you for your support.

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