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    Bathtime Is an Act of Our Toddler’s Self-Care



    “I stinky.”

    “I wan take a bath.”

    These are the declarations spout off by our tiny little princess after she has taken a doodie.

    Having a little girl is a bit different than boys. She spends far more time in the tub than her big brothers did. She has got to be clean, honey! While it took many women to get a handle on self-care, Kiki has already led the way in her own self-care practices. We could all learn a thang or two from Miss Honey.

    While I am normally more than happy to spend a little Mommy and Me time with my favorite girl, mama has been incredibly wiped these days and so Daddy gets tagged in for the bathtime duties.

    And honestly, is there anything sweeter than a baby girl enjoying time with her Daddy?

    We’ve been a bit more diligent about moisturizing our girl’s skin and Baby Dove has been stellar in not only allowing us to enjoy bath time more but helping keep Kiki’s skin so incredibly moisturized. Yes, we’ve always been a Dove family, but Baby Dove’s sensitive moisture line has given us even more of a reason to love this iconic brand. You know it’s a big deal when your husband can be heard low-key raving about the efficacy of a skincare product.  Continue reading…

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