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    How to Start A WordPress Blog For $20 or Less

    How To Start A WordPress Blog For $20 Or Less

    So you want to start a blog. Maybe you want a place to share your journey, an artistic hobby, help market your business or blog as your business. Whatever has lead you down this road to blogging, I’m here to share with you how you can quickly get started using WordPress as your content management system using the method I’ve used to start and manage my blog. You may have heard some chatter about WordPress as it comes highly recommended among seasoned bloggers. I may be a little biased as I’ve been using WordPress since it spawned from b2 which I’ve also used.

    So what is WordPress exactly? WordPress is comprised of three separate entities; WordPress the actual content management system, the web-host, and WordPress.Org home of the resources, plugins, themes, and support for WordPress users.

    WordPress (CMS) gives you the option of EASILY building a blog, an entire site, or even a store with proper plugins. It allows you to do so without having to have extensive knowledge of HTML web coding and CSS language. If drag and drop is your thing, you can use a theme that supports that technology. WordPress.Org is where you can find and research official plugins and themes to build your blog. is the web-hosting site created by the developers of the WordPress content management system.  This site operates like a community. They offer free blog hosting as a sub-domain on, which would look like this if you typed your web address into a browser:

    Free sounds great, but if you plan to heavily monetize your blog space (with 3rd party ads, affiliates, or sponsorships), look professional, and have more control over your blog without worrying about violating any terms, you may want to considered using the WordPress content management system on your very own web space with your very own memorable domain ( This is referred to as a self-hosted WordPress siteContinue reading…

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